Vaxtrac Coalition Adds Industry Leaders and Technology Innovators to Advance Digital Vaccine Management and Credentialing

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Vaxtrac Coalition founding members Allied Identity and SICPA announced additional members. The Coalition is working to strengthen the capacity of communities around the world to safely and securely respond to COVID-19 and future infectious disease outbreaks.

In 2020, the Coalition introduced Vaxtrac in response to the fraud with the vaccination ‘Yellow Card’ used for international travel. Vaxtrac addresses the unprecedented challenges created by COVID-19 and outdated vaccination management systems. Vaxtrac enables a real-time, holistic view of population health by providing strong data validation, giving individuals control of their own records, and removing fraud from the system.  Individual credentials are protected by SICPA’s proven CERTUS® myHealth Pass technology, which creates a blockchain-protected digital seal in a unique QR code that is easily verified, tamper-proof, and tied to a unique identity.

Unlike other solutions that rely on a centralized database, Vaxtrac provides a decentralized approach, similar to drivers licenses, that works independently or extends current Immunization Information Systems run by state/territorial/provincial governments. It provides secure anonymous data for public policy that is not seen or handled by the large tech oligarchies and enables individuals to carry private credentials on a smartphone, on paper or in a plastic card to share at their discretion.

The Vaxtrac Coalition is pleased to welcome the following new members who will strengthen the capacity of communities to respond to public health priorities:

  • American Banknote Corporation (ABCorp), a US-based company supporting governments and world-class organizations globally with secure credentials and payments solutions for over two centuries;
  • Africa’nity Group, a Senegalese-owned digital engineering solutions company with network and telecom technology focused on sectors including: education, energies, security and defense, health, civil engineering, agriculture and hydraulics;
  • AfriDOKTA, Africa’s premier hybrid telemedicine/mHealth mobile platform;
  • Corvus Biometrics, a Northern Virginia-based, veteran-owned, business focused on the delivery and administration of biometric and identity management secure solutions on a global scale;
  • eHealth Africa, a leading nonprofit working throughout Africa to build stronger health systems through the delivery of test and vaccinations combined with world class bespoke in-country laboratories and the implementation of data-driven solutions;
  • Equity Health Services, a Canadian provider of strategic and operational healthcare solutions including diagnostic and mobile health services for governments, Indigenous communities, and a range of private sector industries;
  • eTranzact, the leading payment processing platform in Nigeria;
  • FaceDrive, an advanced contact tracing platform with AI capabilities that allows users to identify exposed individuals and predict spread patterns for all strains of COVID-19, providing the tools to mitigate the risk of shutdown;
  • MedRespond, the leading online healthcare communications company that combines artificial intelligence, search and streaming media to educate and inform patients and healthcare teams;
  • PASP, offers one of the most secure ID card platforms in the world, protecting identity through secure physical credentialing, and data services for governments around the world;
  • Twin Technology, a UK/African-based company that brings global innovation and emerging technologies to markets and is dedicated to simplifying IT complexity and providing services with an emphasis on business continuity, enabling competitive advantage whilst mitigating risk and protecting business value with market-leading IT support and solutions.

“Vaxtrac is a critical tool in the complex effort to securely and reliably record individual vaccination status and offer useful data to improve population health. It is especially vital as government, business, and public health officials globally look for ways to safely manage international travel and business operations that are still at risk,” said Jeff Hattara Coalition founder and CEO of Allied Identity “Together, Vaxtrac Coalition members leverage their unique expertise and solutions to ensure that strong, secure vaccination management and credentialing solutions reach the markets who need them to help recover from COVID-19 and respond to future infectious disease outbreaks.”

About Allied Identity

Allied Identity makes governments and organizations smarter by providing fundamental software components to ensure the absolute identity of people and assets. Allied Identity secures these identities for specific use, ensuring the proper allocation of resources and enabling genuine transaction integrity across all domains. The Allied Identity Platform Suite provides strong certified credentials, eSignatures, and authentication mechanisms that work together to enable every process step in a strong Identity Ecosystem. These activities radically improve healthcare, emergency services and benefit distributions. 


SICPA is a trusted global provider of authentication, traceability, and verification solutions, protecting the majority of the world’s banknotes and identity credentials and billions of regulated products from counterfeiting and fraud. CERTUS®, SICPA’s innovative document security solution digitally issues and secures credentials for universal verification and remote management. Founded in 1927, SICPA operates worldwide with its global headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and U.S. headquarters in Springfield, VA.


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