From fixed route shuttle to on-demand booking, we provide reliable and sustainable transportation solutions for riders, businesses and municipalities

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STEER's On-Demand Transit Solutions

Customized end-to-end mobility solutions built to solve your biggest transit challenges.

Benefits of On-Demand Transit Solutions

STEER's On-Demand Transit was created to challenge the static fixed-route transportation model and accelerate the general public's switch over to environmentally-friendly transportation.

The On-Demand model is more attractive for the riders as it offers more flexibility and easy app-based access.

Long-term service costs are reduced through operational efficiencies and combining multiple On-Demand services in one platform.

As a result of direct travel, reduced wait times and ease of trip planning, passengers enjoy a seamless, efficient, and accessible travel experience.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions per rider are reduced by supporting the shift away from personal vehicles and toward the use of our EV fleet.

Specialized Transportation

Accessible transportation services to meet the needs of differently-abled passengers.

Key Features & Benefits:

Door-to-door transportation services to assist passengers with special mobility requirements.

Home-to-hub transportation services for passengers to access non-emergency medical services, such as medical appointments.

Since the early days of the pandemic, STEER has joined the fight to flatten the curve by providing transportation assistance for the Middlesex-London Health Unit. Through this joint initiative, STEER committed to providing non-emergency medical transportation to the residents of Middlesex County and the City of London on a daily basis.

Access to a round-the-clock customer support, including roadside assistance, incident management, vehicle maintenance and regular reporting.

Software as Solution

We can help you transport thousands daily through our on-demand software solutions.

All-in-one route planning & GPS tracking software that tracks and optimizes routes in real-time.

Manage your own vehicle and driver fleet with a solution that facilitates requests, matching, and tracking.

Full solution for agencies to manage scheduled and on-demand trips, data management, dispatching, trip booking, ticketing and more.

Contact us for customized solutions tailored to meet your needs.

STEER Fleet Services

STEER provides responsive and efficient fleet management services to businesses and agencies to maximize driver retention and public safety and minimize carbon emissions.

Fleet Services include:

All STEER drivers undergo annual criminal record check, motor vehicle record, robust training and other mandatory requirements in order to be part of STEER fleet.

STEER insurance policies cover driver liability and bodily injury for you and your passengers.

Everything you need for simple, transparent, and accurate sustainability reporting.

Building Better Mobility Solutions Together

Our team of transportation experts will work tirelessly to provide an end-to-end solution that will meet your needs and achieve the desired outcomes for everyone.