Fitbit launches COVID-19 Study; Mindstrong raises $100M; Facedrive unveils TraceSCAN to stop COVID

Facedrive, a Canadian ridesharing company, announced TraceSCAN, a COVID-19 contact tracing platform which includes an application, wearables and artificial intelligence technology to help spread of COVID-19 and predict future outbreaks.

TraceSCAN, which is a joint initiative by Facedrive Health and the University of Waterloo, uses Bluetooth technology to alert users when they come in close contact with someone confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19. It’s available for the general public uses, allowing users to take safety precautions such as self-isolation or close monitoring for signs of COVID-19 symptoms, and it also available for businesses to use as their employees return to work.

As part of the TraceSCAN platform, Facedrive Health and Waterloo researchers are also developing Bluetooth-based wearables that will improve contact tracing accuracy and real-time monitoring of the recovery progress through measurement of specific vital signs. 

“As an innovative technology company with a people-and-planet-first business model, we believe it is Facedrive’s responsibility to contribute advanced technology solutions to our country during times of crisis,” Facedrive Chairman and CEO Sayan Navaratnam said in a statement. “We are extremely pleased to be working with the University of Waterloo’s team of researchers to enhance the TraceSCAN platform to develop a full solution that helps slows the spread of the virus and helps to identify any future COVID-19 outbreaks.” 

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